Integrative Diabetes Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, owner of Needles and Spoons Health & Wellness, and creator Keeping It 100. I help overwhelmed people with Type One Diabetes just like you gain more predictability in their blood sugars so they can finally take their life plans off hold. 


I was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 19, and to say that I was lost would be an understatement. In the years that followed my diagnosis, through trial, (a lot of) error, and education, I took my own A1C from a 7.1 to a consistent 5.7 and learned what it really takes to achieve predictability in my blood sugars. I also brought my Ulcerative Colitis into remission! 


In Keeping It 100, I bring both my personal experiences and learned knowledge to the table and use them together in a series of step-by-step holistic health strategies specific to those with T1D.