Your 90 day solution to food freedom, empowered decision making, and getting your energy back for the moments that matter.



still hasn't found the predictability in their blood sugars that they need to confidently & powerfully take on the world without second guessing every dosing decision they make.

What if there was a way to..

  • minimize the fluctuation on your Dexcom graph without the restrictive low-carb diets & limitation so you can ditch the all-or-nothing mindset?

  • walk into your endo office knowing exactly where your A1C will land so you can walk into your next appointment with confidence? 

  • feel fueled & empowered by the food on your plate instead of intimidated by the blood sugar it will lead to later?


Create more moments?

Living with diabetes, it feels like life gets put on "pause" way too often. Pausing for the highs. Pausing for the lows. Hitting pause before we make our next decision. But what if you could hit play again without worrying about what the next alert will bring? What if your management could feel like it was on autopilot?

What moments would you create then?

Feel stronger & unstoppable in your body?

You're not broken, my friend. You don't need to feel defeated living with type one diabetes. The word "chronic" doesn't always have to lead into the word "sick". In fact, what if I told you that your body could be strong? Better yet, it can be powerful.

It's possible, here.

Put your energy back into parts of your life that diabetes has been stealing from you for years?

What have you been putting on the back burner since your diagnosis? Quality time with friends? Starting your family? Taking the trip? The highs and lows do more than exhaust your body, they start stealing your moments. What would you do to take those moments back?

Waiting isn't what is going to serve you.

Your life doesn't stop for T1D.

and it shouldn't feel like it has to.

It's time to hop off the rollercoaster.

It's not a matter of your numbers being perfect, it's that you feel like you're doing everything right and you're still stuck chasing the highs and lows.


The kind of work to be done is the work outside of the endocrinologists office - and no, I'm not talking about more structure, more accountability or another low carb diet.


It's about: 

Cultivating confidence in everyday decision making.

Integrating sustainable, blood sugar supporting habits.

Creating consistency in high variability areas of life (while welcoming flexibility)

Building a strong + healthy relationship with your mind, body and blood sugars.


Your endocrinologist helps you manage your diabetes. Holistic living helps you thrive with diabetes.



You don't need low carb diets or strict routine, you need a flexible mindset and blood sugars that coexist through these three pillars: 



the all-or-nothing mindset is ruining your progress

It's leading to a restrictive & limited mentality.

It encourages avoiding variability, rather than giving you the tools or ability to conquer it.

It's making you resent your own body.

Let your life and blood sugars coexist..


Beyond the A1C is the first and only private coaching program designed to overcome mindset roadblocks AND integrate sustainable blood sugar strategy through a 360 degree support system. 


This three month 1:1 coaching program gives you not only the tools + resources for more predictability and less fluctuation in blood sugars, but the behind-the-scenes work to make it sustainable and long-term.


The Beyond the A1C Process is designed to support you in..

Lowering your Average Blood Sugars

Overcoming attachment to the number

Integrating blood sugar supporting habits

Creating a powerful relationship with food, body and blood sugars

Tightening your Control

Improving insulin sensitivity for less fluctuation

Shifting to proactive mindset so YOU control the numbers

Increasing time in range without limitation or restriction

Conquering High Variability Areas

Tackling decision making without the spiral

Integrating flexibility without restriction

Adding more moments back into your life without overwhelm.

Before Beyond the A1C, I was anxious about exercise, eating out, and traveling. Now, I feel the knowledge I’ve attained has given me more confidence to live my life without fear. 

I'm now able to incorporate a variety of food into my diet, and this program has given me more knowledge on how certain foods effect my BG - not just in the initial couple of hours after eating, but also the rest of the day/night.

Dominic H.

A1C 7.2⇢6.5%

Lissie, you guide me to better management on a weekly basis. I've so much better with your coaching and continue to learn with yours and Jessica's help. Amazing experience and it's not even over yet. And we'll continue this because your coaching is essential in my diabetes management, even though I've had diabetes for almost 20 years. Yep, two decades of living with T1D and I've learned so so so much with these two amazing professionals."

Rubia P.

A1C 8.5⇢6.8%

When we say 360 degree support,


  • Weekly 1 Hour Private Coaching Sessions

    Inside this coaching container, you'll never go left unsupported. Throughout the next three months, we'll meet every single week to dive deep into overcome mindset roadblocks and implement blood sugar strategy. Each call will be divided into two primary focuses - 30 minutes behind the scenes work (shifting to a proactive mindset, confidence in decision making, changing the narrative) & 30 minutes blood sugar strategy.


  • 2

    Monthly 1:1 Nutrition Intensives with Jess

    To make sure you are fully supported and fully empowered by the meal in front of you, we're supporting you with not one, but THREE private nutrition intensives so you can make intentional decisions and feel more flexible in your everyday nutrition-based decisions (without feeling weighed down by the "rules").

  • Access to all Keeping it 100 Live Calls and Recordings

    Dive deep with us into live trainings that cover all of your burning T1D questions. Better yet, do it with a community beside you! When you enroll for private coaching, you have access to all live AND record calls.


  • 4

    Slack Channel Support System

    This channel is here to get feedback from your coaches, collaborate with your T1D community, and share your wins! Never be left with a question or lack of support in your journey again.

This is a high-level support experience, meaning you're provided with resources for any scenario👇🏻

including my signature resources, The T1D Online Accelerator and Chronic & Strong here to guide you in..

  • Improving your insulin sensitivity

    So you'll see less fluctuation in your day to day blood sugars.

  • Essential nutrition foundations

    For keeping sugars steady without feeling weighed down by the "rules".

  • Interruption-free workouts

    So you can finally feel stronger without pausing for a juice box.

  • Mindset hacks

    For feeling confident in everyday dosing decisions without getting caught in the spiral of "loop thinking"

  • Gaining muscle & feeling stronger

    Finally feel empowered and stronger from your workouts.

  • Nailing down high variability areas

    Giving you resources & strategies so you can enjoy more traveling and nights out without overwhelm.

See how private coaching has transformed Genna's life with T1D↓

I actually feel a little sad when I think about the version of myself before working with Lissie. After being diagnosed for two years I was FINALLY ready to take on that responsibility but I was overwhelmed with the contradictory information on the internet and feeling very lost.


But now, I feel empowered! I feel like I can trust myself to do what’s best for my body and mind when it comes to diabetes. I would (and do!) recommend this program to ANYBODY who is looking to improve their health when it comes to T1D. From newly diagnosed to T1D veterans to the weird in-betweeners like me. I can confidently say Lissie can add tons of value to you and your T1D care routine.


Lissie isn’t here to sell you a “one size fits all” diabetes care routine or to tell you how she thinks you should live your life with fad diets or workout routines. She listens to your goals, gets to know you as the unique person you are, and then guides you toward bridging the gap of where you are and the lifestyle you desire. Her ability to approach self-diabetes care in a gentle, holistic, and approachable way is the magic of her program. I am so glad this program exists!

Genna Wislocki


Meet Needles and Spoons Health & Wellness

It's a team effort here.


Lissie Poyner

Meet Lissie, an Integrative Diabetes Health Coach, blood sugar strategist, and creator of the Needles and Spoons Health & Wellness Coaching Experiences. Lissie helps overwhelmed Type One Diabetics gain more predictability in their blood sugars so they can finally take their plans off hold. From Taking her own A1C from a 7.1 to a consistent 5.7 and bringing her Ulcerative Colitis into remission, Lissie brings step-by-step holistic health strategies to the T1D community. Lissie's signature 360 degree approach to coaching creates a proactive space in taking you from confused to confident in your blood sugar management. Her clients love Lissie for her relatable approach to coaching and her unshakable commitment to helping T1D's do more while worrying less.


Jessica Cook

Jessica is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with a master of science degree in clinical nutrition from The Florida State University. Jessica has 9 years experience working in the field of clinical nutrition & diabetes. Jessica works with people with diabetes, thyroid disease, PCOS, kidney disease, food allergies and heart disease. Jessica has a passion for making healthy, easy recipes for her clients, helping with meal planning and empowering her clients to become educated on their disease and take control of it!


Jenna Brown

Meet Jenna, the ultimate organizer, personal trainer, and T1D. Although Jenna works mostly on behind the scenes projects, we could not keep this train moving without her hard work and dedication to the diabetes community!

"There was wonderful support and information provided, including a team that cares and is helpful. Amazing results without restriction or a regime of carb counting everything is broken down into manageable chunks!"

Emily Talbot




If you're here, then maybe you're still questioning whether this is the right experience for you. Here are 4 ways to know if Beyond the A1C is a perfect fit✓

  • You're ready to replace judgement with curiosity

    The constant exhaustion you feel when looking at your meter is driving you to the edge of burnout. There has to be more to life than alerts + arrows calling the shots of what you do, where you go and when you do it, right?

  • You want your appointments with your endo to be productive.

    Instead you leave discouraged. You want the conversations with your doctor to be encouraging, but instead they're centered around how things need to change..

  • You're ready to feel empowered by what your body CAN do

    instead of feeling frustrated by what it can't do. The relationship you have with your body is important, and you know if needs to be one that serves you.

  • You're ready to cultivate confidence in everyday decision making

    So you can take on whatever scenario life throws at you, including moments of spontaneity. You see others mastering the balance of life and blood sugars, and you're ready for that too. 


When you enroll by October 1st, you secure your spot in TWO live classes:

💪🏼The Live Exercise Strategy Class & Workout with Lissie💪🏼

🍪Live BG Friendly Baking Class with Jessica🍪


How much longer can you stay right where you are?

Are you ready for a life that's beyond your A1C?👇🏻

  • Less stress and overwhelm around meals and decision making. More freedom powered by your plate.

  • Less energy consumption around chasing the high + low blood sugars. More time creating memories that matter.

  • Less fluctuation & frustration in your everyday. More predictability in times that are unpredictable. 

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