There’s nothing more powerful in life with T1D than predictability in your blood sugars..

What if you could finally welcome more experiences into your life, without having to worry about your blood sugars?

You’ve heard the statistic - type one diabetics make an average of 180+ decisions.




Our decisions are based off of too many factors to even keep count of:

➥ Our current blood sugar

➥ the macronutrient make up of our meal

➥ the timing + intensity of our activity

➥ our hormones

➥ stress levels..

You name it, it matters, and we have to account for it.


These decisions carry a lot of baggage, too - because decisions lead to outcomes - and outcomes are what interfere with our ability to just live life.


Our blood sugars go too low? We need to hit pause wherever we are.

Blood sugars go too high? We don’t have the energy to enjoy the moment we’re in.

Am I prepared enough?

What if something goes wrong?


For these reasons, we play it safe - but what if we didn’t have to?

When it comes to T1D, we’re taught to avoid variability - rather than given the tools to conquer it.


That’s where the Five Days to Powerful Predictability Challenge comes in.



In this FREE five day training we’re going to master
the art of decision making so you can take on the world confidently ​- and more importantly, powerfully.

Without your blood sugars getting in the way.



Everyday inside the challenge

you'll get immediate access to..


daily trainings on mastering the art of decision making that get automatically sent to your inbox

daily worksheets to help you implement and see results immediately


access to the replay of our LIVE training call



Want a sneak peak into what we’ll be covering inside the challenge?👇🏻

DAY 1: 

Creating a Powerful Relationship with the Numbers
(so you can finally feel empowered by your Dexcom readings, instead of defeated)


DAY 2:

Confronting the Data for Powerful Decision Making
(so YOU can finally control the numbers, instead of feeling controlled by the highs and lows)


DAY 3:

Mastering the Decision Making Process
(so you can do more and welcome new experiences, without having to worry)


DAY 4:

Finding Predictability Post Meals with Registered Dietitian/CDE, Jessica Cook
(so you can have a more powerful relationship with food and stop feeling weighed down by the rules)


DAY 5:

Watch the replay of our zoom training session where we bring it all together

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