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Hi, I'm Lissie Poyner

Type one diabetes changed my life, and then it made it better.


Type one diabetes was never something I even thought of until I was diagnosed at the age of 19. I went from a normal college student to a young adult advocating for my own health.

In the beginning, I listened to my doctors and simply focused on the carb counting and insulin doses - but I still didn't FEEL good. I no longer had the energy I used to. I couldn't focus on my exams. My performance at work suffered because my mind and body always felt drained.

It was when I finally started to look at my body at a holistic level that I realized how much control I truly had. When I felt aligned in my relationships, my career, and everything in between - my health started to fall into line.

In 2019 I decided to shift my path from engineer to certified health coach so I could help other type one diabetics take control of their minds, bodies and blood sugars and live out a life of freedom.










"Lissie is my #1 hypewoman and
best support for my T1D journey AND life."

Jiggy Yoon
Keeping it 100 Participant


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CHRONIC & STRONG Guide to Diabetes & Fitness


Everything affects our blood sugars - exercise is no different. But after almost six years of living with type one diabetes, I found my perfect formula for structuring my workouts for optimal insulin sensitivity, muscle gain, and fat loss - and now I'm sharing it with other diabetics, like you so you no longer have to put your workouts on pause.

BEYOND THE A1C | Private Coaching


This coaching experience is for type one diabetics who need high level accountability and support. This program provides you a personalized 3 month roadmap to lower your A1C, restrengthen your "autopilot",  and gain more long lasting confidence in your life with T1D. This experience includes all of the 1:1 support and accountability along the way to create sustainable and impactful change.

KEEPING IT 100 | Hybrid Coaching Experience


Join my high touch, step-by-step 60-day group coaching program proven to help type one diabetics accomplish their A1C goals, conquer their limiting beliefs, and stop being weighed down by this disease. With high level support and accountability like this, you cannot fail.

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