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Improve Your Carb Counting Skills with These Tools

1 May  2021

Using your carb counting skills effectively is like building a muscle. The more we use these tools efficiently, the stronger the muscle grows. But the more we resort to guesstimating and passing off true carb counts, the weaker it gets and the less optimal our outcomes are.

Here are 3 tips from RD/CDE Jessica Cook to help strengthen your carb counting muscle.

1. Use the tools around you that can help!

These are just some of the many tools out there!

  1. Apps such as MyFitnessPal or Figwee

  2. Food Scale

  3. Measuring Cups


2. Pay attention to labels and portion sizes.

Go back to reading the labels, you know, really taking your time looking at the portion sizes. Even portioning things in advance can be a huge life saver in making the decision making process easier for yourself, and limiting that guesstimation. Pay attention to:

  • Serving Size
  • Carb Count
  • Fiber Count


3. Make your decisions in advance!

Part of the reason why we rush through the decision making process when we're out to eat or with family is because it's overwhelming and a lot to process when we're in an outside setting. We have to think about the carb counts, prebolus timing, and all of the outside variables. Make this process easier for yourself by doing the work in advance!

  • Look up the menu of the restaurant you're going to ahead of time.
  • Do the carb count research.
  • Create a preset in your pump so you can easily punch in the bolus or make a note in your phone of your injection bolus! 
  • Enjoy the time with loved ones!


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Lissie Poyner

Meet Lissie, an Integrative Diabetes Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and creator of the Needles and Spoons Health & Wellness Coaching Experiences. Lissie helps overwhelmed Type One Diabetics gain more predictability in their blood sugars so they can finally take their plans off hold and welcome new life experiences. Lissie's signature 360 degree approach to coaching creates a proactive space in taking you from confused to confident in your blood sugar management.