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3 Strategies to Increasing Your Time in Range

1 May  2021

Haven't you heard? Time in range is the new A1C (or at least it feels that way).


When I got my Dexcom, it really encouraged me to start widening my view from simply looking at my average blood sugar - to actually looking at the big picture. So instead of looking at my average glucose, I was seeing how often I was actually sitting in my target range. For a while that range was 70-180, but as time went on I lowered it from 70-150 (based on my personal preferences).


Over the years, I've learned quite a few strategies that helped me go from 50% time in range to a consistent 70%, while tightening that range.


And now we teach our clients the same.

1. I started utilizing the "Peel the Onion" Method.

The Peel the Onion Method allows you to slowly tighten your target range while increasing or maintaining your time in range %. At a high level view, it looks a little like this:

  1. I knew I could maintain 70% TIR between 70-250 (3.8 -13.8)

  2. I decrease my high alert to 240...(13.3). I made sure I could maintain 70% time in range here.

  3. Then I decreased to 230-220 (12.7-12.2). I maintained 70% time in range here.

  4. Next I decreased to 210-200 (11.6 - 11.1). I maintained 70% time in range here.

  5. Lastly I decreased to 190-180 (10.5 - 10.0). I maintained 70% time in range here and made sure I could do it sustainably.

Keep in mind, this is a process you'll want to include your endocrinologist in to ensure you're not over treating, treating impulsively, etc. 


This is the same method we took our client, Rachael through that helped her take her A1C from a 6.8 to a 6.1 in eight weeks and then a 5.9 in less than a year!


2. I investigated and troubleshooted consistent problem areas.

I took the overwhelming process of spotting trends and broke it down. When things felt out of whack, I broke it down to these five areas to look for trends:

  • Time of day
  • Meal times
  • Overnight
  • Post activity
  • After adjustment changes

Narrowing in my lens allowed me to find true trends and adjust from there.


3. I started integrating PFF into all of my meals.

PFF is a method Jessica teaches inside of Keeping it 100. It's a way to balance Protein, Fiber & Healthy Fats with meals for optimized energy levels, nutrient intake and balanced blood sugars. This method allowed me to control and slow down post meal spikes, while feeling more full and energized on a day to day basis!


Learn more about how I continue the cycle and add strategy to increasing my time in range and conquering high variability areas by watching our free webinar, here.

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Lissie Poyner

Meet Lissie, an Integrative Diabetes Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and creator of the Needles and Spoons Health & Wellness Coaching Experiences. Lissie helps overwhelmed Type One Diabetics gain more predictability in their blood sugars so they can finally take their plans off hold and welcome new life experiences. Lissie's signature 360 degree approach to coaching creates a proactive space in taking you from confused to confident in your blood sugar management.